"Black Sea Medical Centre" Ltd. is licensed by the UK, Liberia and Panama Maritime Administrations, UK P & A Club, American club and Norway to certify seafarers for fitness for duty in compliance with the international standards and requirements of ship-owners. The centre is also authorized by the Bulgarian Health Ministry to immunize seafarers against yellow fever, to execute health expertise for insurance companies, to examine patients by a wide range of specialists and doctors, to execute standard pre-employment medical examination. The centre is supplied with clinical and immune-hematological laboratory.

Yaneva m.d.
Dr. Stefana Stoyanova Yaneva

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The medical centre is owned and managed by Dr. Stefana Stoyanova Yaneva, master of medicine and specialist in occupational health with 9-year work experience at Transport Hospital Varna and 10-year academic experience as associate in maritime medicine at Medical Institute of Transport Sofia, branch office in Varna. She has been manager and owner of the medical centre since its establishment in 1997. Moreover, Dr. Yaneva has research and academic experience in seafarers certification for fitness for duty and in maritime toxicology, over 30 publications in Bulgarian and international scientific magazines, assistance in international symposia on maritime medicine etc., IMHA membership, certificates in the field of the maritime medicine following a training at the Centre on Maritime Occupational Health in Gdynia, Poland, etc.
The aims of the centre are achieved thanks to the satisfaction and hearing of the patients needs and preferences such as accessible, quick, high-qualified and efficient non-hospital assistance of consultation and diagnostics.
The centre executes immunizations against yellow fever under Health Ministrys orders 09-36/ 15.01.2001 and 09-.464/15.07.2004, since it is thereby authorized to issue international certificates for immunization against yellow fever in compliance with the WHO rules and regulations ( it should be underlined that only 4 medical centers in Bulgaria have such license). All doctors employed by the centre are specialists in one or more medical fields. Some of them are associate professors, two other doctors are IMHA members and possess international certificates in maritime medicine, issued by this organization.

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